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Welcome to the
Bad Apples Hodges Field Fly-In official website

Put this in your calendar:Thursday through Sunday, 15 - 18 May 2025 and delete everything in the way!


General Description:
Hodges Field is located about 7 miles north east of Americus, Georgia and about 3½ miles north east of Jimmy Carter Regional Airport.  Driving it's a little under 2½ hours or 144 miles from the center of Atlanta I75/I20 junction, and just over 3½ hours / 190 miles from downtown Panama City, FL.
Name: Hodges Field
Airport identifier: 4GA0,
Address: 428 Neil Hodges Road
City, St, Zip: Andersonville, Georgia 31711
Coordinates: 32.125288, -84.128981
Coordinates: 32°07'31.0"N 84°07'44.3"W
What Three Words (main entrance):
Maidenhead Grid Locator: EM72wc

Hodges Field & Facilities

Avoidance Areas

Interesting area locations


Registration Fee: $70

T-Shirt, XL and Smaller: $20

T-Shirt, XXL and Larger: $22

Ice, 5lbTBA

Ice, 15 lbTBA

Proceeds from this event will go directly to several charitable organizations.

Camping, Tent, Per Night, NO power $10

Camping, Tent, Per Night, WITH Power (also if connected to another vehicle):$20

Camper, Per Night, w/30A hookup: $30

Camper, Per Night, w/50A Hookup: $40

Camping fees will be collected by and paid directly to Hodges Field stiaff.

Fly-In Rules

Requirements; Participants must:

  • sign a waiver before flying

  • attend pilot briefing before flying

  • wear a wristband at all times

  • keep the runway clear (remove unused equipment from the field promptly after the flight and only set up immediately before launching)

  • familiarize themselves with the airspace and local conditions

  • yield right of way to landing pilots

  • keep all pets on a leash

  • ensure pets use appropriate area for relieving themselves and immediately clean up any "accidents"

  • register as pilot if vendor

  • fly commensurate with skill level.

  • keep all equipment, tents, vehicles, and people behind the flight line unless directly involved in flight operations.

Limitations; Participants must NOT:

  • harass wildlife or people

  • fly low over people, buildings or animals

  • perform demonstration flights without prior arrangement with staff

  • perform group training or first solo flights

  • Enter the flight area (past the flight line) without permission, wristband and signed waiver


Q. I only have a few flights - can I come?
A. We want to make it clear that every experience level is welcome and we have no desire to make a lot of rules.
However, we expect it to be a very busy flight-line and pilots with less experience may at times find it very challenging and overwhelming.
While we don't have a minimum flight experience requirement, we do expect that, for safety, less experienced pilots limit their flight-line activities during busy times and coordinate all their activities with guidance from other, more experienced pilots. The community in this sport is very helpful and if you need assistance, let those around you know - you'll end up with a lot more friends than when you arrived!

Q: I want to become a sponsor, how do I do it?
A: Send us a message on the form below and we'll reach out to you.

Q: I want to run a cord to my tent from my friends camper to just charge up my phone, do I still have to pay the "Camping, Tent, W/Power" rate?
A: Yes

Q: There will be a lot of pilots attending and I'm concerned about flying with so many other pilots in the air at one time.
How do you handle the crowded field?

A: The field is huge and when there is a large number of pilots taking off or landing at the same time (generally mornings and evenings in good weather) there will be staff assisting and directing traffic.
If you still feel uncomfortable, contact one of the staff members and they will assist.
In the air, the same rules apply as for any area with a lot of aircraft; be extremely vigilant for ALL other aircraft, not just other paramotors.
The fly-in has a strong history of safety with no mid-air collisions, which reflects not only the improved training and procedures across the sport in recent years, but also the focus our pilots have on safety for themselves and others.
But if you still feel uncomfortable flying, there are a lot of other reasons for any paramotor pilot to come; meeting and socializing with other pilots, watching and learning from other pilots, visiting the many vendors and sponsors who will be showing and demoiing their newest products, and just the plain fun of being at such a huge gathering of like minded people.

Q: How can I reserve a camping spot/power pole?
A: Except for a limited number for the staff and sponsors, are unable to accept reservations for the power poles or specific parking areas. All camping spaces are first come, first served, with the exception of the staff and sponsor spaces.
Water and a dump station are available on the field, but we encourage everyone to bring a generator if you have one available.

Q: Do you need any volunteers?
A: If you'd like to volunteer, let us know at the registration table.

Reach out to us ...